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Healthcare CHallenges
  • Outdated paper systems
  • Interoperability issues unconnected, diverse IT systems
  • Lack of timely, accurate information

Laurus IT is focussed on delivering Healthcare IT solutions to address provider needs for cutting costs, efficient revenue recovery and improving clinical processes and patient safety. We focus on delivering tailored, lower cost solutions to small and medium sized hospitals and medical clinics.

During this recession, healthcare providers are faced with an array of challenges including:
Decrease in elective procedures; Decrease in admissions; Uncompensated care rates have gone up, and in addition profit margins and income have deteriorated in the last qtr of 2008.  To compete in this turbulent economy, healthcare providers need to partner with smaller, agile IT providers that can understand their issues, and propose and implement effective solutions.

Due to our smaller size and agility, we are in a position to quickly evaluate your needs, propose and implement solutions to meet the needs for your electronic medical records, analytics and business intelligence, and patient health records as well as practice management systems.  We have the capability to install and implement these solutions at your site anywhere in the US at short notice, and provide long term onsite and offsite support services to ensure that you meet your stakeholder requirements, whether it relates to provider, payor, patients or government agencies.

In addition to applications integration, we are also well equipped to handle infrastructure projects involving enterprise storage, business continuity and virtualization. If you have a need to effectively solve your business problems at lower cost, then call us to discuss your requirements.